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The Biggest Secret Still Unappreciated in 2018

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All the following statements and precise words are true like it or not:

1.- All now popular religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism) are based on a foundation of psilocybin mushroom usage cult. I can prove this with text and pictorial evidence as well as deductive and inductive reasoning to any skeptical/rational mind.

2.- This knowledge was kept known by few of the royal families and selected members of the church, prominent artists and thinkers, until power and war was used to suppress it. There is a whole world of knowledge and secrecy in this area most people would never believe. Yes, it is related to freemasonry and other secret societies.

3.- There is a great reason for this obsession and secrecy towards these mushrooms. They work, they will diminish your ego, open your mind and give you eternal peace about life and death. Combination of these three gives your everlasting happiness. Study modern clinical research if you find it hard to believe.

4.- NO, you should not just go looking for mushrooms now, there is a lot you need to learn and prepare before you seriously consider this. These are not recreational drugs, there is nothing recreational about them and they are definitely not drugs. In fact they are being used to treat heroin addiction, chain smokers and alcoholics.

5.- DO NOT perform anything ilegal, save yourself endless turmoil and travel where these experiences are not controlled by your "loving" government.

Source: 6+ years of deep research through skepticism and several kilograms of dried ingested material throughout - without becoming a workless hippie.

I will fight for this cause and help as many people for as long as I can.

One thing is to die without the answer and another thing is to die with the answer in your hands. Get your life back together through the proper and legal use of mushrooms.

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