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The Birth of Pompler

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Pompler was created for a few reasons.

First and foremost, Pompler was created to support people to that make a public statement, even when it's not a popular statement. Political pressures that we have placed on each other is so high that conversation is stopping. Politics have become so intense that contrarian viewpoints are often shunned to the point where livelihoods are destroyed, causing others to be fearful to speak up. It is my belief that we need to be much more open to allowing opposing ideas, no matter how horrendous they are. This is how we can learn. We do not have to agree, and really, we do not need to listen. We should be more forgiving, because we do not stand in our neighbor's shoes. But mostly, we should allow all voices to be heard.

Secondly, Pompler can also be used to encourage other actions. For example, acts of kindness, whether random or intentional. It can be used to show team spirit at a stadium event. It can be used to encourage laughter, joy and happiness. A Pomp might be as simple as a kid playing her guitar on the streets of Rhiobamba, an Ukranian farmer loaning his tractor to his neighbors, or giant mural on the streets of Los Angeles.

Lastly, Pompler was created this to show people how easy it is to use cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was an incredible gift to the world, and Bitcoin Cash continues to pass this gift along. Bitcoin Cash was selected because it has the longest and oldest blockchain, essentially tied with other Bitcoin forks. Bitcoin Cash is also super fast, incredibly cheap, and easy to use.

While this Pomp was created to share some views, Donations are not needed or wanted. If this takes off, I might ask for donations in the future, to help hosting, management of the site, and so forth. But really, I just wanted to build idea, and put it out in the universe. If you are interested in helping or have suggestions. let me know; [email protected]

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